Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses To Match Your Dream Wedding Dress

It seems that there’s a million and one things to do before your wedding, including deciding which bridesmaid dresses you’d like for the big day. However, you actually need to choose your dream wedding dress first.

You may ask, “How is my wedding dress related to the bridesmaid dresses though?”

In fact the two types of dresses are very closely related as it’s a mistake to start looking for bridesmaid dresses until you’re sure of the style, length, sleeve design and color of your wedding dress. This is because bridesmaid dress should match and complement your wedding dress.

Read on to see how to choose bridesmaid dresses that will match your dream wedding dress:

One of the biggest issues that you’ll face with choosing bridesmaid dresses is that, unless you’re very lucky indeed, all of your bridesmaids are likely to have different shapes, skin tones and hair and eye colors. So if you thought you could just choose a color then you’re sorely mistaken! It’s going to take a little more work than that, but we’ll go through it here step-by-step.

Agree upon some styles that suit everyone AND your wedding dress Brautkleid Berlin/Brautkleider Berlin

Take a look online or in some magazines with the girls and decide on some of the styles that you all like. As a rule, A-line and Empire dresses will suit most shape, so you could focus on these and also give a nod to the weather which could for instance necessitate a shrug, wrap or bolero of some sort for warmth.

The dresses should also match your wedding dress. After all, if you’re wearing a short wedding dress and your bridesmaids are wearing long, very formal dresses then it will look a little out-of-place, so try to choose bridesmaid dresses that match the main basic features of your wedding dress. Focus on:

  • Cut of the dress (such as A-line)
  • Length of skirt
  • Sleeves (or not)
  • Neckline

Decide which colors are going to work

Most brides have some idea of a ‘color scheme’ for their wedding. Your dress will likely be white, but you may well have matching flowers, wedding favors, place settings and bouquets. There’s no reason why the bridesmaid dresses can’t fit in with this, and in fact they should for maximum effect and beauty.

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