10 Keychain Garage Door Opener Upgrades Under $50

Tired of your keychain garage door opener? Give your tired remote a much needed upgrade without sacrificing your savings.

Micro remotes are tiny! If having a keychain remote is your style, you have to check out all the micro options. Nowadays, you can have a basic remote that is roughly the same size as a portable USB storage device.

TO BUY: Search dozens of online retailers, $20.

Remotes with one button are pretty much one trick ponies — they open and close the door with the same button. Recommended for minimalists looking to simplify their garage door accessories.

TO BUY: Retailer or manufacturer’s website, $15.

Remotes with two buttons are ideal for those with gate access and/or two-door garage units. Those with programmable security codes are slightly more expensive, but are worth it for those who are paranoid about someone being able to steal their keys and get access inside their garage.

TO BUY: Retailer or manufacturer’s website, you can find these for around $20.

Appropriate batteries will cost you less than five dollars. This is a no brainer; buying generic batteries can cause extra wear on garage door openers. A common mistake is trying to substitute with rechargeable batteries. These are crazy expensive and run the risk of leaking caustic chemicals all over the place. Save yourself the hassle and just buy the batteries designed for use with your opener.

TO BUY: Retailer or manufacturer’s website, you can find these for around $1.

Multi-purpose remotes that open, close, lock, and turn off the light in the garage opener are for the ultra tech savvy or ultra lazy. These features are just brilliant, easily making this gadget the perfect present for someone that’s hard to buy for!

TO BUY: Online, close to thirty bucks acrylic charms

Velcro, like duct tape, is one of those versatile products you can use with just about anything. A gigantic roll gives you the freedom to attach your keys and remote in novel places; just don’t forget where you stick them!

TO BUY: Craft store, costs less than $2.

Gella-skins are a vinyl application that can be used as a cover to add style, protect your remote from scratches, and help keep you from mixing up her keys with yours.

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