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I’ve been looking for the best firming lotion for a long time. I don’t want to end up like so many older ladies I see in the street. Wrinkly arms. Wrinkly legs. Wrinkly faces. Wrinkly necks. So of course I keep my ears open and I read a lot.

Yes, like everyone else out there, I’ve fallen for false promises from the cosmetic companies. They promised to erase my wrinkles. They didn’t. They promised to build my collagen. I don’t think so. And what about the elastin they promised to give me? At $130 for a one month supply? I’m afraid not. My skin is not snapping back like a rubber band as these companies claimed it would.

Lucky for me, one day I decided to take a walk in the park at just the right moment. There on a bench sat a vision of loveliness. She was not a youngster. It was obvious, because she introduced me to her
granddaughter. They were such a picture of health and joy that I happily joined them.

How do you keep your skin looking so wonderful, I asked her. It’s flawless. She told me she used the best firming lotion she’d ever tried. She was French and had tried plenty of beauty products in her time. But until her trip to New Zealand she’d never gotten such great results. And she had stumbled on it by accident. TOP NEWS UPDATES

While getting her hair done at a local salon she overheard chatter about a local skin care manufacturer. The grandma took a ride over to learn about the products. After all, she had nothing to lose but her wrinkles. And before the day was done she would be rewarded with the best firming lotion she’d ever tried.

What impressed her most was that the company didn’t believe in using chemicals. No preservatives. No fillers. Parabens were a dirty word as far as they were concerned. Only pure, healthy ingredients were used. And even then only after extensive research and experimentation.

This innovative company figured out how to get rid of free radicals faster and better than anyone in the business. Their secret weapon is Cynergy TK, made of keratin. It is a form of protein brimming over with

With the help of some other pure ingredients it penetrates through layers of skin, fixing damage, from too many birthdays and too much sun. in its travels. It destroys every free radical in its path and goes looking for more. The result, smooth, young skin. There is no better cure for an aging body than pure keratin.

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