Here MAN means mankind. It includes guy, woman, youngsters, antique

, young, educated, uneducated and so on and all the human beings who’ve the college of ‘Thought’.

When it’s far stated ‘Enemies’ it does not mean a few enemies from out of doors, but in truth, in this text, the enemies which we mention are from ‘inner’. They aren’t some wild animals, harmful germs (no longer even the 20th century monster HIV/AIDS), atomic radiation and so on however they’re the enemies created with the aid of man’s very own concept. Visit :- บ้านผลบอล

We shall see how thought is gambling the mischief and how it creates various enemies for Man.

Thought is the tool which creates the ‘ego centre’ that is referred to as “I”. This “I” creates numerous variations amongst Man to man. This is the cause for the fight for survival. In this process, it has created numerous enemies for Man and a number of them are indexed as follows:

1) CRAVING FOR FOOD: In contemporary instances, getting meals for man seems now not difficult. Man eats some thing he comes throughout whether or not vegetarian, non-vegetarian. Boiled or uncooked. He locates protein from some thing organic substance he is coming across, grabs them to eat. There is a famous saying “large fish survives by means of consuming the small fish”. It is right that the civilisation has advanced to this degree and so guy isn’t a cannibal now save a small percent of uncivilised human beings. Otherwise man’s favourite food may be every other man or women.

Leaving apart cannibalism, the injustice carried out to the negative, downtrodden and less privileged humans are very fantastic that they are disadvantaged of even one time food. Man is grabbing the food of even animals and birds. Several creatures at the moment are extinct for need of meals. The Nature’s balance is absolutely disillusioned due to the excessive food taken through man.

2) CRAVING FOR SEX: The 2nd lust which Man has directly inherited from animals is SEX. (The first being lust for food). Sex is the natural phenomenon following the food. Once the belly is full, all animals which includes guy looks for intercourse partner. Only some provide popularity to the laws of the land in pleasing their sexual dreams. The increasing occurrence of HIV contamination indicates how vulnerable a person is regarding intercourse. In a lot as guy does now not differentiate concerning choice of meals, he/she does no longer find any difference in deciding on the sex associate. Conjugal fidelity has misplaced its overall significance. Mahatma Gandhi once instructed, ” I shall admit India attained freedom only while a younger lovely female wearing steeply-priced gold embellishes on foot alone in a slim darkish lane without facing any risk”. It may take centuries to get this freedom.

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